Episode 64: How to Find New Revenue Faster with Caryn Kopp


When Caryn Kopp was 11 years old, her neighbor who owned a franchise company, told her she had a great phone voice and wondered if she’d like to try getting appointments for them.

She won awards for this skill and it “opened the door” (pun intended) for Caryn to launch her award-winning firm, Kopp Consulting, where she holds the title of Chief Door Opener. 

Caryn’s talent for seeing a company’s “path to the cash” has inspired her to help thousands of business owners and sales professionals secure initial meetings with hard to reach, high-level decision makers at Pfizer, P&G, Time Warner and more. An expert in business development, a best-selling author and a prolific speaker, Caryn is our not only our guest on this episode, but she will lead a workshop at skucamp in New Orleans, Sept 30th through October 3rd, entitled "Path to the Cash!® Find New Revenue Faster."

In today's episode, we talk with Caryn about structuring your business to make business development important, the strengths and weaknesses of social media when it comes to prospecting, messaging, and how our own industry misuses our greatest asset.Join commonsku's Chief Platform Officer, Mark Graham, and commonsku's Chief Content Officer, Bobby Lehew, as they explore with Caryn how to break through and find new business faster.
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