Episode 62: Fast Growth with Chris Ferriter of SoBe Promos


From $222,000 in sales in 2013, to $5 million in sales in five years, distributor SoBe Promos based out of Miami, Florida burst onto the scene in a flash, and was honored as one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing private companies in 2016 and recognized by ASI in 2017 as the fastest-growing distributor.

The three millennials that lead SoBe -Chris Ferriter, Scott Latimer, and Spencer Kramer- have blurred the lines of the traditional supplier/distributor relationship. With their focus on custom work and thanks in large part to their promotional lineage, they excel at direct importing and unique, hard to find items that can’t be easily sourced.

Vice President of Business Development, Chris Ferriter and I, sat down in the press room at the PPAI Expo and riffed about their rocket rise in sales, direct importing, their heritage in the industry, and more.

Tune in for a few tips on fast growth from one of the industry's rising stars!

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