Episode 61: How Operational Excellence Fuels Profitable Growth (a skucon 2018 Production)


“Keeping money is way easier than making money.” Brandon Mackay, MAS, Six Sigma Lean Certified, and the Owner and CEO/President of Snugz USA, earned his stripes the hard way: experience. His laid back, employee-empowered leadership style has taken a small family business of six and transformed it into an industry powerhouse with $40 million in annual sales and over 500 employees. A strong advocate for process improvement and employee development, Brandon delivered a brilliant and practical talk at skucon in Las Vegas on How Operational Excellence Fuels Profitable Growth, unpacking his experience as a lean certified organization and the lessons he learned along the way. In this session, Brandon talks about:

  • How 90% of their orders come from distributors incorrect or missing information
  • Process mapping your way to improvement
  • The #1 hindrance to change and the way to fix it
  • The inefficiencies of extra motion, excess inventory, and extra processing
  • A brief discussion on Promo Standards and why it’s important for our industry
  • And much more!
Whether you are a distributor or a supplier, this is an excellent talk to help you begin your own process improvements toward profitable growth. You can listen to the audio or view Brandon's video and slide deck, below:https://youtu.be/KPKTwjpGD4k
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