Episode 56: Scott Alterman: How The Icebox Keeps It Cool (A skucon 2018 Production)


With over $25 million in sales, Scott Alterman and his business partner Jordy Gamson have a history of taking big risks and charting unconventional paths. The Icebox has earned a reputation for being the most innovative and edgy swag fanatics on the planet. Ever the rebels, Scott and Jordy have managed to grow a successful business while retaining an edge to their brand and their business model.

At skucon in Las Vegas, Scott took the crowd on a wild ride through his crazy journey as a serial entrepreneur, sharing lessons learned on how to build a swag empire while evolving your team and transforming even your own role in the business. From Icebox University to their amazing showroom, insane videos, and even the practicalities of shipping over 50,000 orders annually, Scott talked about the biggest business lessons he’s learned and provided insight into how one of the most vibrant brands in the industry today stays fresh and keeps it cool. Attendees loved Scott’s realness, his willingness to share freely from the life lessons he learned, and the absolute kick he gets out of still taking risks, thinking big, and stayin’ scrappy.

Join Scott on today's skucast as we take a wild ride through the business story of one of the most creative and inventive brands in the industry today!

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