Episode 51: Dan Taylor and Ben Taylor with BamBams, The Expansion of a Sports Marketing Enterprise


Following the 2002 World Series, the craze of thunder sticks exploded across sports areas and with it, a supplier company began a meteoric rise. In a few months, BamBams pulled their first order off the presses in China for Molson beer and the company has continued to skyrocket with growth.

Since then, BamBams has evolved and expanded their product line, largely serving the sports marketing world.

In today's episode, we sit down with Dan Taylor, BamBams co-founder, President, & CEO and his son Ben Taylor who, in addition to serving as the Director of Digital Media for Gallup Consulting, worked in a number of roles as a marketing technologist before joining BamBams. In this episode, we discuss:

  • The expansion of a supplier's product line
  • The implementation of a new ERP system and lessons learned along the way
  • A new distributor marketing resource center being launched in 2018
  • Thriving as a family-owned business
  • Advice on stronger supplier-distributor collaboration and more!
Join us for an insightful journey through the evolution of an ever-changing product line by one of the industry's most respected suppliers!

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