Episode 49: Building Authentic Brand Experiences for Lasting Connections with Ted Church (A skucamp Presentation)


Ted Church and his team at Anthem Branding work with some of the most notable brands in the business world today, including Google, MTV, Atlantic Records, lululemon, and many more. With over 2200 clients and 600 active projects in any given moment, Anthem Branding has honed the critical skill of solving problems through a creative process.

At our inaugural skucamp event in Palm Springs, CA, as some of the most influential and progressive distributors and suppliers gathered to spend a few days in community, listening to speakers and learning from one another, Ted shared a session that revealed the ideation process behind their agency approach. Today’s skucast episode features the recording from Ted’s session (you can download the PDF here) and includes critical tips on how you can improve your process, including:

  • The power of 3DY to qualify projects
  • Using your own collections to demonstrate your creativity, inspire clients, and tell a story
  • Using mood boards to tell stories with products
  • How to capitalize on trending products to showcase your uniqueness
  • How to build merchandise that becomes a lifestyle brand and an experience
As we release more of the audio from our inaugural skucamp, we hope it helps you and your team as you scale and grow your promotional products business!