Episode 47: Creating Maximum Financial Value in Your Business with Jamie Watson (a skucamp Presentation)


How do you know your business is healthy and profitable? What does a thriving promotional products distributorship look like? You might not have any plans to sell your business, but what if you suddenly decided to do so? Is your business enticing to potential buyers? Even if you have no intention to sell, just knowing what a healthy operation looks like will help you run leaner, maximize your profitability, and give you peace of mind.

At our inaugural skucamp event in Palm Springs, CA, some of the most influential and progressive distributors and suppliers gathered to spend a few days in community, listening to speakers and learning from one another.

Today's skucast episode was recorded at skucamp where Jamie Watson, a partner with Certified Marketing Consultants, shared what a distributorship in optimum health looks like. Based on her experience, successfully transacting many distributor acquisitions, Jamie walks through example P&Ls, balance sheets, plus, provides tips on how to position your company for maximum profitability, including:

    • How a proper infrastructure builds a successful future
    • How key indicators like gross margin and sales compensation point to sustainability
    • How the key to creating business value is to create future sustainable earnings
    • EBITDA, commission best-practices, and more!
We will be releasing all of the audio from our inaugural skucamp event over the next several episodes, and we hope it helps you and your team as you scale and grow your promotional products business.


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