Episode 46: Strategies for Scaling with Catherine Graham (a skucamp Presentation)


“Margin is an attitude.” With that statement, Catherine Graham sums up one of the many secrets to scaling your business successfully.

At our inaugural skucamp event in Palm Springs, CA, some of the most influential and progressive distributors and suppliers gathered to spend a few days in community, listening to speakers and learning from one another. Catherine distilled her years of experience as a successful distributor into a presentation at skucamp entitled "Strategies for Scaling," (you can download the PDF for the presentation here).

Today’s skucast episode is the recording from this presentation where Catherine unpacks several steps to scaling your business, including:

    • Evaluating where you are at now.
    • Planning and creating your goals, beginning with long-term dreaming.
    • Defining your values and personal philosophy.
    • Building the dream team.
    • Setting benchmarks and metrics.
    • Cashflow, accountability, and more.
  We will be releasing all of the audio from our inaugural skucamp event over the next several episodes, and we hope it helps you and your team as you scale and grow your promotional products business.P.S. Listen through to the end of this episode for the Q&A; it’s a great back-and-forth with attendees that gets into the heart of business operations and secrets to growth. 


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