Episode 44: Brandon Mackay with Snugz - The Long Road and Rocket-Rise of a Top 40 Supplier


Snugz USA is a $40 million powerhouse led by owner and CEO, Brandon Mackay. Powered by an incredible team of talented professionals, Snugz remains one of the most respected suppliers in the industry, a manufacturer whose diverse product line has grown far beyond lanyards to include leather goods, personal care products, food, and even shoes. In addition to a multiplex of products, they have become known for their creative content, growing an admiring fan base of customers who love their quirky and fun sense of humor, while respecting their ever-growing repertoire that clearly demonstrates how a supplier should go to market.

Mark Graham and I traveled to Salt Lake City to record this episode, and, seated around the table inside the Snugz studio, we explore a diversity of topics with Brandon, including:

  • How a supplier risks and takes broad product category leaps, profitably.
  • The impact on a supplier from a changing landscape which includes mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, buying groups, and more.
  • How a family-run business maintains a strong culture as they grow.
  • The promise and pitfalls of financing options like private equity and venture capital.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the team at Snugz (check out pics and more details from our visit here), and we couldn't be more proud of this conversation, thanks to the character, the camaraderie, and the sheer creative connection we feel with this imaginative brand. Enjoy!

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