Episode 34: Event Marketing: How Community Driven Events Can Boost Your Promo Business

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Successful event marketing can cultivate a raving fan base. Face-to-face events are more important than ever as they force us, and our customers, out from behind our desks and into community, creating strong emotional touchpoints that last.

In today’s conversation, we discuss successful distributor client shows and, through the lense of a learning perspective, we share the evolution of the commonsku events and answer the questions:

  • What did we learn along the way?
  • What were the risks?
  • How important are these events to us and to our clients?
  • What are some of the secrets to putting on events that draw strong attendance?
Tune in to hear Mark Graham's experience as he shares the sweat, the fear, the risk, the return, and the reward of spectacular event marketing. We hope this episode inspires you to build community events with your customers.

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