Episode 33: "Promo Plight: Distributors Feeling the Pressure," a Conversation with Chris Ruvo


In February, Counselor Magazine published a controversial article entitled, “The Big Squeeze: Are Promo Distributors Putting Too Much Demand on Suppliers.” The article discussed pricing pressure and contract negotiations between promotional products distributors and suppliers. (We discussed this article in a recent episode of skucast).

In May, Counselor Magazine published Part II of “The Big Squeeze” series and looked at market pressure placed upon distributors by end-user clients (“Promo Plight: Distributors Feeling the Pressure”). The article reflects research on pricing pressure due to e-commerce price-checking, extended payment terms, increased demand for fast-turn items, and the growing technology burden placed upon distributors by their customers.

In this episode, the author of “Promo Plight,” Counselor Magazine’s Executive Editor Christopher Ruvo joins us to highlight his research. Chris is in his sixth year with ASI. His writings on issues that impact the promotional products industry have garnered numerous national awards, including a Neal Award -- often called the "Pulitzer Prize" of B2B publishing. We chat with Chris about his findings and discuss what this pressure means for the health of the industry, and, most importantly, how distributors are responding to market pressure with positive solutions. Join us!

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