Episode 124: "People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves"


Today’s episode is a little departure from what we normally do.

A few weeks ago, Mark Graham saw an article on Medium that really captured his imagination and he sent it to our team. We were all stunned by the insights in that article and we thought it was such an important topic for our industry, for suppliers and distributors, that I contacted the author who wrote it, Zander Nethercutt, and asked if I could read it on the skucast.

Zander was kind enough to say yes, it’s a short read but it has huge implications for how we sell, how we market our businesses, and how we inspire our customers. The article is titled, “People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves,” and the article featured a pivotal moment in marketing history, the reverberations of which impact us all today.

Join us as we explore what this rich topic means for us and our businesses today!

Special thanks to Zander for allowing us to read his article, you can find Zander ‘s website at Zandercutt.com and his original article is published on Medium.

Editorial note: In the episode, I paraphrased an author but failed to cite which author, that author was E. B. White.

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