Episode 123: So, You Want to Amp Your Marketing? Here’s How.


Developing a strong marketing strategy can be a challenge for many promotional products distributors. And although the promotional products industry has a very strong history in sales - we have not been as successful at marketing ourselves and our businesses. But, investing in your marketing strategy can play a significant role in increasing your company’s revenue, elevating your brand, and building your company’s equity value.

It’s ironic that we are an industry that sells marketing resources to a large percentage of buyers who are marketers, or at the very least, buyers who use our creative resources for purpose-driven marketing, and yet, a small percentage of us have dedicated marketing professionals and a codified, deeply tactical marketing strategy for our own businesses.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Mark Graham, commonsku’s Chief Platform Officer, as we answer the question from a distributor about how to go about hiring for marketing and launching a marketing strategy. We discuss:

  • Who to look for: what type of person and skill sets

  • Whether to outsource or keep in-house

  • Where to best invest your marketing spend

  • Integrating your marketing and sales teams

  • Investing your marketing resources to grow existing accounts

  •   How your marketing investment impacts your company’s equity value

Joins us as we share our hard lessons learned through our failures and successes of hiring for marketing and tips on how to use your marketing resources for the greatest return!

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