Episode 121: Supplier CMO Series, Eckhard Sohns with Swiss-based Prodir

eckhard header final.png

In North America, where emphasis on utilitarianism often supersedes design, the Swiss never consider it a duality: design is function and function is design. The Swiss have gifted the world with some of the most eclectic and beautiful inventions and are revered for their passion for precision.

As we’ve discussed before, the customer in North America is changing, there are more expectations for beautiful design, sustainable functionality, and a strong desire to create unique solutions, why we are thrilled to host Eckhard Sohns on the skucast.

Eckhard is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Swiss-based Pagani Pens, the parent company of Prodir, Pigra, and Premec. With a PhD in literature, Eckard’s mission connects both his personal and professional passion, “to convey our competence in this area of communication.” Mark Graham, commonsku’s Cofounder and Chief Platform Officer, sat down with Eckhard to discuss:

  • Their push and pull marketing strategy which include their unique video marketing (below) and their inspiring magazine, Open

  • How a premium product commands attention and how the popular luxury market rises above the din of cheap alternatives

  • The anonymity of people behind brilliant brands

  • Storytelling to distinct audiences (supplier, end-buyer, end-user, distributor)

  • The differences between the US, UK, Canadian, and Chinese markets

  • Finding customers who share your philosophy

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