Episode 120: Just In Time with Carey Guglielmo

carey header final.png

After a successful career at NIKE, Inc. North America, Carey Guglielmo and his business partner Billy Haile recognized a niche within the corporate sector for just-in-time branded merchandise; they launched AST E-Commerce just five years ago and are already carving a lead in the company store space.

Carey, also the host of the podcast called The Brand on Talk 107.3 FM in Baton Rouge, LA, sits down with us to talk about how his NIKE background helped bring a big business worldview to the industry and how this perspective shapes his business today. We also discuss:

  • The search for the elusive in this business: recurring revenue

  • The most profitable types of stores

  • Shifting their focus from outbound to inbound sales and marketing

  • Their tech investment and sales process

  • Their shift to a virtual office space

  • And Carey’s advice for young entrepreneurs which includes creating your advisory board and the surprising boost to your business that a board can have on you and your organization.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Carey as we talk stores, sales growth, and a look toward the future!

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