Episode 118: The Future of Promo is Here with Isaac Hetzroni, Imprint Genius


What does the future of the promotional products industry really look like? In a fast-moving digital world, what place does branded merch have? 

We’re not talking theory today, we’re not speculating. The future of promo has never looked brighter and today, we look at it through the lens of someone who should know: Isaac Hetzroni, Founder and CEO of Imprint Genius.

Isaac’s a senior at The University of Florida and running  a 100% student led distributorship with a team of 14 students. In today’s conversation, we talk with Isaac about:

  • A “physidig” campaign (physical+digital promo)

  • The IoT and its game-shifting impact on promo

  • RFID products

  • The difference between a wantrapreneur and an entrepreneur

  • And much more!

Join us for an enlightening and positive conversation about the future promo!

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