Episode 115: The Adventure of Life and Business with Cindy Jorgenson, BDA

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Cindy Jorgenson is the senior director of client services for $450 million dollar distributor BDA. A 22-year industry powerhouse with strong expertise in both operations and sales, in addition to multiple sales achievement awards and pyramid awards, in 2014 she was honored as Counselor Magazine’s Woman of Distinction. 

In 2011, tiring of the beach vacations, Cindy took a risk on a small adventure that would eventually lead to some of the most harrowing vacations you could imagine including swimming with great white sharks, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking through the amazon jungle , and more.

In 2018 Cindy was recognized as BDA’s Sales Leader of the Year which she says would not have happened had she not stepped out and began an incredible personal journey of risk and discovery. 

In today’s episode. I talk with Cindy about how her choice to begin a life of extreme adventure has infused and transformed her business adventure. Cindy began her career in this business entering orders and back in those early days, she observed the salespeople around her and made a list of the six traits and skills she found were common with the most successful of sales reps, she still has that list and we talk about it today, also, Cindy shares some of the best advice I’ve ever heard on how to lift your head out of the of the daily chaos of a deadline-driven business to focus on proactive tasks and goals. It’s a great conversation about calculated risk, thinking more adventurously and flexing your courage muscle and we tie it all to sales and business. 

Join us as we explore Cindy’s multiple journeys and discover some amazing similarities between life-as-adventure and business-as-adventure!

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