Episode 107: The Beautiful, the True, and the Good with Ray DelMuro, Refresh Glass


Ray DelMuro, founder of Refresh Glass, is on a mission to rescue 10 million bottles. From his early days driving around in his four runner collecting wine bottles, to date, he’s rescued nearly 1.4 million and repurposed them into drinkware and home decor products.

Recently featured in Forbes magazine, his glasses have been purchased by Francis Ford Coppola, Wolfgang Puck, Ritz Carlton, and have even been featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show.

Many of us have values that are like guides for our business so that things don’t go off the rails but does our mission and do our values shape our business in a way that brings a return to all stakeholders. In this episode, we visit with Ray about the three pillars that his work stands on and how this translates to profit and a profitable and edifying mission, plus, we discuss: 

  • Why Ray feels that promotional products feel like home to him.
  • The distinguishing differences between serving the hospitality industry and promotional products.
  • The waste management project that Refresh Glass recently worked on.
  • How the industry can position more purpose-driven sustainable promotions.
  • Why you should ask what emotion you want to evoke with each transaction.
  • The advice that Ray would give to someone starting out.
  • What the future looks like for Refresh Glass.
In the intro to the episode, we answer a listener's question about hiring and reference this webinar that features the four e-myths about hiring salespeople and also the traits to look for when qualifying candidates. Enjoy!
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