Episode 106: "Why Not?" How to Go for the Big Wins with Paperclip Promotions


Ruth Verver and Beth Walker are the Co-Founders and Partners of Paperclip Promotions, a distributor based in Austin, TX. Mark Graham and I flew there to visit with them and to hear their story. We sat in their office, among their team, as we heard about their attempt to land Southwest Airlines, even though they had just opened their doors. We talk in this episode about:

  • The critical missing piece in their values (missing on purpose!)
  • An order for their biggest client that went south (a true planes, trains, and automobiles story)
  • Their experience hiring business development consultant, Caryn Kopp (you can learn more about Caryn in our interview with her here, or her presentation at skucamp here)
  • Their successful marketing strategy including their "clip kits"
  • Their secret to a strong partnership, and much more!
Humble, dynamic, and ambitious, you'll love their spirit, their company, and their story.
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