Episode 105: Retail Phenomenon Marine Layer and Their Journey to Custom with Andrew Graham


Marine Layer, a retail phenomenon founded in 2009 and known for their absurdly soft shirts, now has a custom projects division led by Andrew Graham, Director of Custom Projects.

Andrew sits down with Mark Graham, commonsku’s cofounder and chief platform officer, to share the story of what led to the custom products division, the rewards and challenges of entering the market, details about their soon to be launched recycling program and more. Andrew discusses:

  • The story behind Marine Layer and the creation of a unique fabric blend
  • Positioning a retail apparel brand to enter the custom apparel industry
  • How Marine Layer uses its Airbnb’s like an extension of the brand.
  • How their new corporate re-spun program will help reduce textile waste
  • The make-up of the custom-team at Marine Layer
  • The marketing strategies used by Marine Layer
  • The retail and promotional T-shirt brands that are most similar to Marine Layer
  • Three brands that Andrew admires the most

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