Episode 104: Trendspotting with Futurist Vicki Ostrom from SanMar


I’ve always wanted to talk about trends and fashion-forward merchandising on skucast because wearables alone comprise easily over 35% of the industry’s $24 billion dollars in sales and we need to learn how to train our minds and eyes to be better trend spotters for our clients.

Younger buyers are bringing a heightened awareness and expectation for trends into the corporate world and in this episode, I’m joined by Futurist and Trend Editor, Vicki Ostrom from SanMar, a specialist in identifying societal trends and translating them into profitable products. With 20 years in the fashion industry, she has designed for companies such as Eddie Bauer, Tommy Bahama and JCPenney.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to build more creative awareness 
  • How to capitalize on color trends 
  • How to use imagery to tell a story
  • How to use the research that is in Vicki’s presentations and reports
  • The differences between macro-trends and micro-trends
  • How Instagram influencers are changing trends
  • And more!

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