Episode 103: 85 Supply's Trevor Sarver, Rock-n-Roll Entrepreneur


Trevor Sarver, former punk rocker turned entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of 85 Supply, a raw, fiercely original, and high-energy distributor based out of Nashville, TN.

Only five years in and he and his crew have taken the industry by storm, growing at a radical rate and shattering conventions with bold ideas. I sit down with Trevor to discuss his journey as we explore numerous topics, including:

  • How Trevor’s background in a rock band helped prepare him for his role as an entrepreneur
  • His quick shift from selling band merch to other markets
  • His values and traits: protection, provision, and transparency
  • How a relentless focus on process is critical to scaling your business
  • The importance of being truly honest, open, and transparent about constructive criticism and change
  • His passion for technology and business architecture and how he envisions 85 Supply utilizing technology in the future
  • How he learned and adopted the 80/20 mindset for working with his team
  • His advice for new entrepreneurs in the promotional products industry

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