Episode 102: Supplier CMO Series, Nate Robson with Raining Rose


Nate Robson is the Director of Promotional Sales at Raining Rose, a certified B Corp and supplier of lip balms and other body care products derived from the finest organic ingredients for the promotional products industry.

Raining Rose has been recognized ten times by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City and by Fortune magazine on its annual Inner City 100 list, they have also been recognized eight times by Inc. magazine on its annual Inc. 5000 list, and honored as one of PPB Magazine’s Greatest Companies to Work For (2012).

Nate visits with commonsku's co-founder and Chief Platform Officer Mark Graham to share his views on brand positioning and developing a brand personality. He reveals how Raining Rose leverages its quirky brand personality and image to grow sales and explains how digital data is now a major tool for helping companies make decisions about where to invest their marketing dollars. Nate and Mark also discuss:

  • Nate’s role within Raining Rose and the makeup of the marketing team.
  • The most effective marketing channels in the promo industry.
  • How digital tools have allowed traditional suppliers to scale and become top-of-mind.
  • The importance of aligning and defining goals so that sales and marketing can work together effectively.
  • Maximizing resources and positioning a brand within the promotional products market.
  • The most significant problems within the industry today and the inefficiencies that Nate would like to change.
  • Nate’s proudest accomplishment at Raining Rose to date.
Plus, what's on Nate's desk, the three brands he most admires, and more!
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