Episode 101: Stories featuring Gillian Hammond, Kevin Mullaney, and Steve Rone (A skucon Production)


Big order fails. Brilliant client saves. Narrow margin orders that went south. Product disasters. Embarrassing client moments. And big, unexpected wins. We've all had them. Most of the stories in the industry are normal, the simple price we pay for being in a crazily-adventurous, anything-can-happen, deadline-driven business.

But these stories? The best of the best of them. 10-minute promo tales to put a smile on your face. Make you think. And mostly, to remind you ... you are not alone.

What you are about to hear is a new series we recorded at skucon this year, 10-minute segments called “skucon stories," they are outlandish, bizarre, risky, and hilarious.

skucon stories are stories told from the trenches by some of the most experienced pros in the business. Our stories today are told by Gillian Hammond with Brandfuel, Kevin Mullaney with Brandito, Steve Rone with Snugz USA (Steve's presentation is below).


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