Episode 100: The Customer of Tomorrow, the Distributor of Tomorrow: A Celebration Forward


What does the customer of tomorrow look like? What do they expect? What does the progressive salesforce look like? How does the salesperson of tomorrow adapt to this hyper-demanding market? How about the progressive distributor? What does their infrastructure look like? 

The industry is changing and there is an energy and vitality right now, and if we capitalize on the market forces that are reshaping the way clients think and the way we as value creators and as a supply chain interact with those customers, a future of exponential growth will belong to us, you and I.

As David Cancel said in his book Hypergrowth, "Helping is the new selling. Customer experience is the new marketing."  

Join me (Bobby Lehew), Mark Graham, commonsku's chief platform officer, and Catherine Graham, commonsku's CEO, as we celebrate the 100th episode of the skucast in classic commonsku style: by looking forward.Buckle up and straight ahead skummunity, it's front-windshield-view-only and we're not slowing down!

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