How distributors can use marketing automation and CRM together


In our post on how to use marketing automation software as a distributor, we covered what marketing automation software is and how you can use it to grow your business. We're going to back up a bit because it's important to understand the difference between marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software, and how the two work together.While CRM and marketing automation systems are complementary, they both serve different functions. Much like your sales and marketing teams, they only really reach their full potential when paired together.CRM is primarily a sales tool, focused on collecting data about existing customers and managing new customers and sales opportunities.Marketing automation is the marketing counterpart, focused on new lead generation.Industry software like commonsku has CRM which allows you to create company profiles, add contacts, track notes, calls and meetings, set reminders for follow ups and keep a history of presentations, estimates, sales orders, and invoices. Within the company details of each client you have the ability to add a status and/or a tag which allows you to keep your sales funnel organized and also makes pulling reports simple.Having a marketing automation system like Wishpond that integrates with your CRM ensures that all the information your sales and marketing teams need will all be in one place, easily accessible, editable and manageable.Here are two ways CRM and marketing automation can work together:Use statuses to move leads down the sales funnelIf you have identified some companies you'd like to work but you haven't had much contact with them, you can status them as "Dream Company" and then set up a drip campaign that will send a series of emails which include calls to action to start a project, for example. You will be able to monitor open rates, click-through rates and see what emails are working and what aren't.Create email campaigns using tagsDo you have a bunch of really fun products that universities and colleges would love? You could send out a back-to-school email campaign to leads that have been tagged with "college" "university" or "school" that showcases these products. You can use merge tags to personalize the message to a specific contact and school and direct these tagged contacts to a dedicated landing page with a call to action unique to the campaign.There are so many ways you can leverage your CRM to work with marketing automation so your sales and marketing teams can work together like a well-oiled machine, whether your focus is on retention, growth or customer satisfaction. You can learn more about how you can use marketing automation here.