commonsku Now Powers Over $500 Million in Distributor Sales


Today, we’ve reached a milestone together.

In just 6 years, the commonsku community has grown to over $500 million in annual distributor sales.

When we first built commonsku, it was originally intended to simply power our own distributorship, RIGHTSLEEVE. At the time, we couldn’t find an alternative that had the requirements we demanded: a modern, intuitive user experience in the cloud to simplify the ordering process and connect the team. Along the way, distributors would ask us which platform we used, and when we confessed that we built our own, eyebrows would raise, they became curious.

Eventually, enough interested distributors inspired us to think beyond the platform as our own software and to consider building it in a way that would support any entrepreneur in the business, whether they were a $1 million distributor or a $50 million distributor.

This threshold represents how the power of a community can inspire growth through creative collaboration in ways that ignite our mutual success and unite us through the entrepreneurial spirit.

We’ve not only been fortunate to build something that matters in the life of an entrepreneur’s growth, but through our events like skucon and skucamp, we’ve been able to participate in their journey alongside them. We’re fortunate and proud to be a part of this community.

We are so grateful for your belief in our vision that there was an entirely different way to do business in the promotional products industry. We’re thankful for your passion, your energy, and mostly, for your friendship.

Mark and Catherine Graham (and the commonsku team!)

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