commonsku marketplace surpasses $115 million in distributor sales


Three years after its launch, commonsku has passed the $115 million dollar mark in annual sales volume among distributors using the software service.“We’re proud to have hit this $115 Million milestone as it validates our model that promotional products distributors and suppliers are eager to work together in a more collaborative fashion. We could not have done this without the support of the distributors and suppliers that make up the vibrant commonsku marketplace” said Co-Founder, Mark Graham.In addition to the business management functions of the software, commonsku also offers a free online marketplace open to promotional products distributors and suppliers. Industry colleagues and companies gather on commonsku to discuss industry news, share business best practices, and close more sales in an open and collaborative environment. commonsku’s business management features include a complete end to end CRM and Order Management application, designed specifically for the needs of the promotional products industry.“One of our goals with commonsku was to put a human face on the promotional products supply chain. We are humbled by how our partners in the industry have embraced the ideals of collaboration embodied in the software. The culture of teamwork bringing these suppliers and distributors together to grow business for everyone is something that we are extremely excited about.”commonsku has become a key resource for distributors and suppliers looking to connect, collaborate, and share information in real time. More information on how to join commonsku can be found at commonskucommonsku is the easiest way to run your promotional products business. It has all of the software tools you need to run a modern promotional products business, including CRM and Order Management. commonsku is unique to the industry as it is the only community where suppliers and distributors gather to help each other close more business. Learn more at