An Easy Way to Make a BIG Impression with Sam Brown (BrandVia)


You’ve worked hard at developing a unique brand. But maybe you’ve realized that you are not reaching your prospects and customers with your marketing message in a way that delivers results. Perhaps you're tired of customers and prospects who claim that your service and offerings (compared to the competition) are "all the same."Want to change your customer's mind? Here’s a question for you: What do you stand for? What’s the single most important impression you want to make?Once you determine this, how do you create this permanent impression in the mind of your stakeholders (clients and prospects)?Sam Brown, Director of Corporate Marketing at BrandVia, spoke at our skucon conference in Las Vegas and shared a simple starter list of 26 easy things you can do to penetrate your unique marketing message in the mind of your stakeholders.They are known as marketing touchpoints, tiny impressions that impact your stakeholder’s mind each time they interact with you. It's simple, scalable marketing. In Sam’s words, a “non-superhuman ability to consistently execute your marketing plan without a whole lot of increase effort.”Here’s Sam in a brief, 7-minute video to explain:’t be misled, these tiny touches seem insignificant, but cumulatively, the effect is profound. It is a steady and consistent stream of tactics across the entire spectrum of your marketing that transforms your message into a clear yet subtle megaphone.Three ways you can implement Sam’s marketing touchpoints:

  1. Determine what your “is” is that makes you unique.
  2. Take Sam’s list below and, each week, adjust five touchpoints in your business to fit your unique message.
  3. Share this list with your colleagues, make it a joint effort to transform your marketing message by a series of small touchpoints.

marketing-touchpointsBonus Video: Shut Up and Leave

The two extra minutes you spend with Sam Brown (in the video below) will be two of the best minutes you will ever invest in your profession.Why?We love Sam for her smarts, her sass, her attitude, and her confidence. Behind Sam’s no-nonsense persona is a serious passion for transforming the image of a promotional product from “budget blowing” to “business building.” To wit: Sam’s idea to “shut up and leave” after an initial client meeting: takes confidence in your skill, a belief in your profession, and a commitment to serve the intent of each project that wins the respect of our customers. Pause to strategize for your client. By doing so, you will convey that you care about delivering the perfect promotion to achieve the right results.Want to learn more? Listen to Sam’s skucast episode recorded last year, Mastering Marketing with Sam Brown.
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