7 Takeaways from Your Experience at commonsku University at the ASI Chicago Show


Reading time: 2:32It’s a mini-skucon, on the road!Join us as we'll be hosting commonsku University at The ASI Chicago Show on July 11, 2017.Here are seven takeaways you’ll carry out of McCormick Place, ready to rock your business:

  1. Your personal path to $10 Million: Experience a high-octane panel of speakers, featuring Ann Vidro and Menda Wright from Creative Studio Promo, Johanna Gottlieb from Axis Promotions, and Mitch Silver from Printable Promotions. We’ll explore what it takes to grow through the five key stages in a Distributor's growth. ASI’s CEO Tim Andrews will also share from ASI’s research, and you’ll have discovered a surer path to your first $10 million in sales!
  2. What it takes to achieve global growth and epic sales: Andy Thorne, Co-Founder of UK-based distributor Outstanding Branding will storm the stage with Mark Graham as they discuss the shape of Andy’s amazing, global journey. With offices in New York, Hong Kong, and London, OB has quickly become a fast-rising force to reckon with in the promotional products industry. A keen communicator (here’s a clip of Andy talking about culture) and an energetic growth leader, you’re in for a treat, and you’ll learn how to make your mark with sass and style.
  3. A new jam: In our (new) freestyle mini-sessions, we’ll host two rounds of small groups by topic. Participants can choose from subjects like structuring your team for maximum profit, aligning your UVP, how to use customer stories to sell, leading a product presentation, and more. You’ll stumble out of these slightly dizzy from the fast-paced round of ideas, but you’ll be glad you attended!
  4. A new friend: Awww. That’s sweet, right? But here’s the deal: As always with the commonsku community, much of the secret power of progress lies within the community itself. Sitting by some of the most progressive brands in the promo industry, you’ll enjoy connecting with new colleagues and learning as much from each other as you will from the stage.
  5. A Faster Future: We’re paving a smooth road for your entrepreneurial journey, which means improved performances from the system that powers your progress. Catherine Graham, commonsku’s CEO, will share a look-ahead that features smarter presentations, redesigns, mobile, proof approvals, tighter supplier integration, and more. We’ll never stop developing the platform that powers your business because we love giving you the confidence to grow!
  6. Suppliers on commonsku: Suppliers are discovering how commonsku can help land more deals with hard-to-reach distributors and how to engage with distributors on real-time projects. In this session, Mark Graham and Sam Kates will share tips on how to get the most out of the commonsku platform and how to contribute to the commonsku community in a way that increases sales and builds long-term growth.
  7. Aaron Kucherawy fan club: His grace under pressure is legendary, and he’s always there when you need him, Aaron Kucherawy, commonsku’s Manager of Customer Success has talked to many of you and remains one of the community’s heroes. Aaron will be leading a jam session on best practices with commonsku so, bring your questions, Aaron’s ready to help solve them!
Who should attend?Everyone. Our morning sessions are designed for commonsku users; our afternoon sessions are for anyone and everyone.What’s the value of all this?Well, we can’t define it for sure, but you could put it in the thousands and, who knows, if you’re the one who carves a new path toward epic growth, you could even put it in the millions.And, what’s the cost? It’s free!

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See you in Chicago!