6 Pro-Tips to Help You Get the Most out of commonsku sessions


We’re serious about growing your sales. So much so that we don’t want you to show up at the industry’s only 1-day sales conference just to listen, we want you to create an actionable list of tactics and ideas that will give your sales the boost they need. Here are six pre-work ideas that you can do prior to the conference that will help you amp your results and hit the ground running!

    1. Create a list of your top ten clients and sort by declining revenue and declining profit. Create another column and list the number of departments or buyers you currently work with and then create one more column to sketch out potential departments and divisions that you can grow into.
    2. For your top clients, spend just a few minutes thinking about the personality profile of each of your buyers. You’ll need to have your buyers and their preferences fresh in your mind so that you can learn where they fit in the four distinct personality types through Sam Kates' session on The Psychology of Sales.
    3. Ready for an exercise that will make you the ultimate, kick-ass sales pro? Visit with your top 5 clients about their entire budget for advertising. Ask what they spend on other forms (digital advertising, magazine, radio, television, direct mail, etc). This information is gold once you understand how to use it to Double Your Sales Without Adding a Single New Customer and you’ll also need this information for David Clifton’s session How to Steal Market Share from Other Mediums. Bonus points if you can also ask your customer for a scorecard or the ROI they are experiencing with each medium.
    4. Create a wish list of your top 10 target prospects so that these accounts are fresh on your mind when you hear Catherine Graham’s session on The Floodgates: Create a Never-Ending Pipeline of New Business. Also, think through your week and your day. We know this business yields uncertainty every day but it also contains small slivers of opportunity and discovering these moments is one of the secrets to creating a stream of never-ending new business!
    5. For Bobby Lehew’s session Storytelling: Enchant Your Customers Through the Power of Story, think of the last three cool projects you worked on. Write them down, including the purpose of the product, who the client was, and any details you can remember. We’ll use these real-world details to learn how to take an average order and craft it into a compelling story.
    6. Here’s a challenging exercise but oh-so-worth it: Have you stopped to consider how many touchpoints your customer experiences when you handle their project? Think of one of your last orders. Sketch out on a piece of paper the number of touchpoints your client had with you, from ideation to billing, sketch the number of calls and emails, proof approval, acknowledgments, etc. Create a small diagram showing a map of this process. Knowing the customer experience from their perspective will help you understand how to better engage with your customers. Once you hear all the ideas from Mark Graham’s Appealing to the Modern Buyer: How Engagement Commerce Ignites Sales Growth, you’ll never look at the customer experience the same way again!
That’s it! Six pre-work tips to help you walk away from commonsku sessions with an action plan ready for rocket growth! And if you haven't signed up, it's not too late, join us! 
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