3 steps to success on commonsku

After having been active in the social space since 2006, I have come to learn 3 things about what makes someone successful on a social platform.

This particularly applies to commonsku as "success" on commonsku means more business for you.

The most successful people on commonsku are :

1. Visible
2. Helpful
3. Interesting

So, how does this translate into concrete, actionable steps?

1. Visible
  • Make sure your personal profile and company page are complete. Upload a profile picture, cover photo, and complete your bio information. 
  • Think of commonsku like a trade show. You wouldn't attend a trade show without a booth, staff in uniform, or without products to show, right?
2. Helpful
  • Engage with others on the platform. Make comments and "like" content that other people have posted.
  • Tag (or @ mention) other people to draw them into the conversation.
  • Serve. Don't sell.
  • For every original post you make, comment or like other content at least 3 times.  
  • The winner on commonsku is not he or she who sells the most, it's he or she who helps the most.
3. Interesting
  • Post interesting, helpful, original, unique content.  Sales flyers are fine, but that shouldn't be all you are posting or promoting. Try to avoid posting the same content on commonsku as you would on all of the other social platforms.  Remember this audience is only people in the industry, so your content options can be a lot more targeted.
  • Scan through the feed and see what posts get the most comments and likes. Copy their approach.
  • Post discussion type topics to spark conversation. Establish yourself as a thought leader and a likeable and trustworthy person. People do business with people they like. Be Yourself. Let your personality shine through in your content 
We're always here and ready to help you on your journey in the promotional products industry and on commonsku.    As a matter of fact, here are some more resources we've put together:6 tips for posting great newsfeed content3 step guide for excelling on commonsku socialSocial media in 30-minutes a dayNow, Let's continue the conversation in commonsku