3 sales prospecting emails everyone in the promotional products industry can use


The internet is abound with tips on pitching, selling, closing, and delivering sales. But, none of that will put cash in your wallet if you can't get on your clients' radar in the first place.Enter sales prospecting.Who needs to send prospecting emails?

  • someone starting out in sales
  • someone looking to increase spend with a particular client
  • someone looking to build a bigger book of business
Unfortunately, sending prospecting emails is often filed under the category "easier said than done."Why is that?
  • Daily tasks get in the way.
  • We prioritize the urgent instead of the important.
  • We just plain dread it.
In his book, Ziglar on Selling: The Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional, Zig Ziglar quotes sales experts who say that "84 percent of all salespeople have call reluctance to some degree."He goes on to say that the number one symptom of this fear is procrastination.So, what do you do on those days when you are postponing your prospecting?From our experience, the #1 thing you can do is this: Get started.Once you get started, the rest will fall into place.So, to give you that nudge toward the keyboard, we're posting some of our best performing sales prospecting emails.You are free to use these exactly as they are or as a starting point.

Upcoming event - current customer

Hi [Prospect],Hope all is well with you.I just noted that [company name] will be at the [conference/event name] in [month/year].You know we love to prep great ideas for you, so I thought I would contact you about your promotional needs for this event.What comes to mind immediately are:  
  • trade show uniforms for your staff (button downs, vests, polos).
  • a cool, sleek giveaway for people that attend your workshop
  • inexpensive items to generate traffic at your booth  
I would love to brainstorm with you and your team. Can you drop me a quick response letting me know if this is something you will be considering as part of your show budget for the event?[Salesperson]

Email follow-up after a gift drop - warm/cold customer

Hi [contact name],It was nice to meet you briefly last week when I dropped by. I hope you enjoyed the gift and that it put a smile on your face :)  I wanted to touch base with you about how [your company name] can provide value to [prospect company name] in the area of promotional merchandise for your events, conferences, client and staff gifts, etc.  I will follow up with a call to learn more about how you plan out your year and budgets, as well to learn a little more about the successes and frustrations (if any) of ordering promotional merchandise.We have a very strong presence in [industry name] and would love to share our promotional expertise with you.  I have attached some concepts that could be fun for you to roll out. [Attach presentation]I look forward to connecting via the telephone.  Thank you,   [Salesperson]

Referral - completely cold

Hi [Prospect Name],   I was given your name by [person in common] who suggested you were the best point of contact at [prospect company name] for promotional merchandise ordering.  I am in charge of key accounts for a promotional marketing company called [company name] We [company tag line/value proposition/why you are a good fit] and I'd like to introduce to you our services.You may have seen our work with companies you know such as [list 3 companies or campaigns this person has likely heard of.]  Some of the resources we provide to you are: [edit to make these apply to you/your company]- A product-filled website where you can window-shop or brainstorm ideas- A dedicated account team that will walk you through every step of the process- X years of experience helping companies like yours achieve real ROI with promotional spendI would love the opportunity to speak with you about how we could help you with your promotional initiatives.  Would you have some time this week via the telephone?  Thank you for your consideration.  Regards,   [Salesperson]PS - I have also attached a [case study/sample of work/testimonial] so you can see the quality of work for yourself.


These emails are a great way to get a conversation started with your prospect, but they won't do your job for you.  Make sure you have researched your prospect and their company before reaching out.You will need to make sure your examples and case studies are, in fact, a good fit for your prospect.  I mean, could you imagine sending a great case study on the work you did for ExxonMobil to someone at Greenpeace? Ye-owch.And, as Zig Ziglar says, "In addition, your knowledge about the prospect translates to the good feeling the prospect has about your and your business."Custom Templates CTA