10 Swagtastic Moments in Pop Culture


The promotional products industry is a $22 billion industry so it's bound to pop up in some of our favorite TV shows and movies, one way or another. Here are 10 of our favorite swagtastic moments in pop culture from the last 30 years.

Swag spotted in movies

Election (1999)All candidates in an election understand the importance of good swag, especially Tracy Flick and her homemade voter buttons.The Big Short (2015)After Michael Burry bets against the housing market with Goldman Sachs and they accept his deal, he celebrates by taking a branded mug for his son.Office Space (1999)Joanna just doesn't have enough flair. Brian for example, has 37 pieces of flare - and a terrific smile!The Internship (2013)The new Google interns, or Noogles, wear their adorable propeller hats.Talladega Nights (2006)Ricky Bobby allows a huge Fig Newton branded sticker to be placed across his racecar window.Space Balls (1987)Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money is made!

Swag spotted in TV shows

The Simpsons "Waiting for Duffman" Season 26 Episode 17After Duffman retires, Homer becomes the new Duffman and takes over his responsibilities and swag.The Office "The Convention:" Season 3 Episode 2Michael Scott attends a tradeshow and basically admits to furnishing his condo with all of his free swag.Gilmore Girls "Scene in a Mall" Season 4 Episode 15Loralie and Rory argue over who gets to keep the Clinique tote bag that comes free with your purchase.Silicon Valley "Bad Money" Season 2 Episode 3Pied Piper learns their new silent partner is not so silent about how he wants to spend the company money: swag!