5 great resources for new managers


Pop Quiz. (Don’t worry, you’ll survive.)

Are you ready?

Question: What do Magic Johnson, Bryan Trottier, Isiah Thomas, and Wayne Gretzky have in common?

Answer: They are all successful athletes who flopped when they moved into coaching.

(See, you survived.)

You may have seen something similar play out in your business.  A top sales performer gets promoted to sales manager, but their performance drops.

Like in sports, the best sales performers aren’t always the best managers.  That’s why we put together this list of 5 great resources for new managers to help them succeed.

Business Basics

The $100 MBA [FREE Podcast]

Business lessons delivered in daily 10 minute increments.  The $100 MBA Podcast delivers digestible chunks of business basics that serve as a solid introduction or as a great review on the building blocks of business practices. This will help remind new managers about the fundamentals or give them an easy intro into Business 101.

The People Equation

Manager Tools [FREE Podcast]

If there’s only one resource on here that you use, make it this one.  Manager tools has a deep archive of podcasts covering pretty much any situation you could come across as a manager. Their goal is to make you a more effective manager by providing actionable frameworks.  They also provide a nice dose of no BS commentary every week.  To get going quickly, start with The Basics.

Managing the Workload

Getting Things Done [PAID book]

Getting Things Done (or GTD) is something of a productivity manifesto for the digital age.  GTD is a method for organizing your tasks and is meant to free your mind to better focus and, well, get things done.  The method has spawned an entire generation of task management apps built around GTD theory.

The book is a quick read and pretty well-priced, but if you want an online primer before deciding to buy, Leo Babauta has a great FAQ at zenhabits. You can also find a lot of free GTD workflow maps through Google.

Staying Up-To-Date on Sales

Alltop [FREE News Aggregator]

Staying up on the latest techniques and trends is a must for any modern manager.  But, it takes time to seek out sources and keep them organized.  That’s where Alltop comes in.  They go out and gather the best headlines from the best sources and present them to you like an online magazine rack.


The Sales Lion [Free Podcast]

As a manager a lot of your job can be head cheerleader for your team and your company.  But, managers can use a little help in the kick-start department too.  That’s exactly what Marcus Sheridan sets out to do in his Mad Marketing Podcast.  Listen to it regularly, or when you could use a dose of inspiration.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Sure, these resources will be great tools for your new managers to use as they work to develop their skill set in a different job.  But, these are also solid assets for any employee at your company.

Don’t forget, if you have questions about sales, management, or the promotional products industry, the commonsku community is always teed up to deliver solid advice.

Are there any business resources that have helped your or your staff?  Tell us about them in commonsku or tweet them at us @commonsku.

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