3 tips to master your commonsku newsfeed

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The newsfeed is the heart of commonsku.  

It’s where we interact with each other: We ask questions, get industry news, and we post pictures of wild nights or wild beasts (see below).  Plus we get to tune into sales activity and give each other pats on the back, real or virtual. 

There are a few ways you can ramp up your newsfeed experience from student to master and I’m here to show you how.

power-user tip #1 – use lists

Segmenting is more than marketing-speak nowadays. You may not realize it, but you’re likely segmenting your information on a daily basis. On Twitter and Facebook, users create lists. On Google + you add people into circles. RSS feeds segment your online reading and rules or filters help segment your email.

You can use commonsku to segment the information you send out to others on the system by using lists.

To set up lists, go to your social profile then click My Lists. Then, on the left hand side of the page, click +New List and give your list a name that makes sense to you, such as “Sales Reps,” “East Team,” or “Virginia office” and then click on the Add List button to save it. From there, you can look at the people you are following, or search for users, then drag the appropriate commonsku users into your group.

Adding Groups in commonsku promotional products software

Then, the next time you have an update specifically for one of your segments, you can send the message just to them. After you type your message into the status box, choose your intended group from the Share drop-down at the top of your newsfeed, hit Post and your message goes exactly to the right people.

By the way, your messages are set to go to everyone in your company as the default. If you want to broadcast to the whole platform, you can choose Public from the Share drop-down.

power-user tip #2 – filter

So, now you know how to segment your outgoing information by using groups which means you’re ready for the next step, using our built-in newsfeed filters.

By default, commonsku shows you all of the system generated and user-generated items in your newsfeed. What’s the difference? System generated Activity is driven mostly by what you, or your clients, do in the CRM platform. Creating opportunities, presentations or estimates, putting orders into production, getting order approvals from clients, logging order feedback, and adding products into your company database are all examples of news that automatically publishes to the newsfeed.

On the flipside, your co-workers are all updating their feeds with pictures, news, links and other informationy-goodness. All of those updates are tagged as Messages in your newsfeed. So, to get a quick view of what your co-workers are talking about choose Messages from the drop-down then join in on the conversation! To get caught up on everything that happened last week while you were off, choose All and then pick Last Week from the time period drop-down and you’ll be back up to speed in no time.

user messages in the commonsku software application
Get caught up with your team by checking newsfeed messages

power-user tip #3 – engage well 

You don’t create a purple cow by being different. You do it by creating something worth talking about! – Seth Godin

There’s only one more step to becoming a newsfeed master and that’s creating engaging content on your newsfeed. If you’re using the commonsku platform for CRM or order management, you’re already automatically creating lots of stuff that your manager will love…like putting orders into production! But what about just having fun? After all, social networks are all about the fun.

Use commonsku to share just like you would on any other social network like Twitter or Facebook. To get more eyeballs on your status updates, think about adding a picture. Research shows that pictures grab attention more quickly than text. Facebook Timeline anyone?

Now that you have attractive looking content, make sure the right people see it. Use the Mention People function to tag other users in your post. When you tag them, they’ll automatically get an email letting them know that you mentioned them in an update.

engagement on commonsku social enterprise software
Cute animals always make for engaging content!
commosku user Ruth from Paperclip Promotions has it going on in the picture above!  Cute dog + tagging Raquel = commonsku newsfeed master!

What do you think, is that the cutest dog ever or what?

If you have any commonsku tips, tricks, or questions, let us know in the comments!

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